Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stay tuned tonight for photos of the quilt show!

I just got back home from the quilt show and am going to visit my Mother at the hospital. Once that is done, I am coming home and loading the photos of the great quilts, dolls and other super things from the ART QUILT SHOW in Post Falls Idaho. This show was held at the same place I will be doing a five day story quilt workshop in August of 2010. We are in the throws of planning it now and it is going to be really super with lots of extras. I am also contemplating doing a Hoochy Mama three day workshop that May that will start out with a simple hoochy lesson, go to Flower Power and end with Cats, Dogs and other awesome things that you can do with the Hoochy technique.
Both times there has been discussion of coming a day early and we will rent large vans to show people around both Eastern Washington and Idaho and some of the best quilt shops anywhere and we will have lunch on beautiful lake Coeur d'Alene at the hotel there. I will paint handmade bags that will be wonderful and we have other surprises. Now we are figuring out cost for the place I will teach, hotel and food. We want plnety of great touches not found at other venues. :0)
Of coarse there will be tiaras!
Anyway, stay tuned for color and great quilts right here at this very spot!
Mary Lou (who thanks those of you who prayed for my Mother)

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