Friday, February 06, 2009

On my way home tonight-LOOK AT THIS!! IT IS AWESOME


Rebecka said...

I love that song and the animals in the video are so cute. Even a bunny and you can't beat that.
Welcome home! Can't wait to see your photos!

Carol said...

Welcome home, Birthday Girl!
What a treat! Listening to dear old Satchmo just transported me back to some of my earliest memories. If my dad heard a new song by Louis Armstrong on his way home from work he'd stop and pick up his latest record. He would show up, beaming from ear to ear. My mom, my big sister and I would crowd around the record player, watching with baited breath as he set it up so we could all enjoy it and sing along together. And what a beautiful video it is paired with! Seeing those two unlikely friends sharing special moments of discovery in the garden and cuddling together for a little nap under the watchful eyes of a doting bunny. I think it is just about the sweetest video I've ever seen! Thanks so much for taking time after a long day of travel to share that tonight!!