Saturday, February 28, 2009

From warm and humid to chilly and sunny-ahh, "there's no place like home"

Well, we are back from ten lovely days on the Zeiderdam Holland American ship-we visited Aruba, Panama (where my husband lived for three years in his teen years), Curaceo,Costa Rica and the Bahamas. I hope that someday you will consider going with us on a trip to somewhere and quilt while we travel. I don't have anything schdeuled but I hope to someday....stay tuned.
Above is my husband and myself at port. Gee it was wonderful having him with me and we had so many nice days and laughs and enjoyed so many wonderful people. He went around and met everyone he could... "where are you from?", "what is your town like?","what do you do?"etc.
Our friend Kit called him the "good will ambassador." On the way home he said "i have never met so many wonderful people. It was great to see him have such a lovely time as he works so hard and hardly ever gets away from it all.

I am always interested in local art anywhere I go. I saw these paintings on a bar in Aruba and I thought they were charming folk art that would be great quilts. Isn't the color and design fun?

The lips on these little girls was so clever. Simple and lovely colors in the bright sun.

Here are the little girls in their Sunday best....more great color and subject.

This is what Aruba looked like from the ship before we got off. I didn't buy very much there. I looked for folk art things and they were selling mostly things I could find other places. Life is slow paced here. Mark needed sunglasses and we spent an hour waiting for the girl to clean them, have conversations with different people there and ring them up. I finally went out and sat in the sun to get my vitamin D and to ask myself "am I too impatient to wait an hour for a sale?" And the answer is "yes, when there is more to see." She was nice though and very pretty.

Above is out ship and the windows with verandas to sit on and enjoy the view and the humidity.
Mark and I walked over to look at alot of fabulous boats and yaughts (unbelievable) that were expensive. We paused here to say that we might be able to afford one of these....maybe.

I took at photo of the cow above because I wondered what happened to her teets? They are missing.
My friend Molly did a story quilt about her first date with her husband. I was surprised when I saw this painting on the side of a building as it looked alot like her quilt. You will see her quilt in my new book due out November 1st called "Out of the Box."

This was a designer window and I just have to point out two things I push in my workshops. Cheddar is magic with many colors and black add's sparkle. Isn't this rose something? I think it is Louis Vutton
Here we are at formal night (one of three) with our great friends. On the left is Laurie Latta a retired teacher and her husband Kit who is also a retired teacher and next to them is Esko Typpi who is a retired Pilot for Alaska Airlines. On the right is Me, then my husband and then Susan Typpi who is a flight attendant on Alaska airlines. They were great fun to enjoy all of the fun with. Laughter is good medicine and we had alot of it.

I have to share these paintings from the airport in Ft.Lauderdale. Isn't this wonderful? So many possibilities for quilts and other art projects here! Color is such a great thing to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more to see and learn and enjoy. Please comment if you would. I love that because I know you are reading my blog.


Rebecka said...

Mary Lou-
What FUN!!
I love the artwork on the bar! Thanks for sharing the photos. I always love to see what you are up to.

Carol said...

Welcome home, Mary Lou!
I really enjoyed seeing your photos -both you and your husband look like you had a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi ML, Nice to begin enjoying your trip with you. Have been waiting to read all about it. Thank you for Chapter 1.
Karen in Tucson

pat sloan said...

how Awesome! i want you at MY table next cruise!

Anonymous said...

Love your cruise photos. It sounds wonderful to go on a quilting cruise!

Linda G. said...

Sounds like a wonderful time filled with R&R! Love the colors on the airport walls! Here's to cruisin'!
Linda G.

Anonymous said...

OK Mary Lou ...sign me up for your next cruise! You all were having too much FUN and I want to join in! Welcome home...I missed you!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love those paintings of the girls - colorful and fun. too bad you didn't find any art like that for sale.

Maree in NC :-) said...

Welcome home, dear Mary Lou!!! Just knew that you would have some awesome pictures to share and I'm really enjoying them all!!! Looks like all of y'all had an absolutely fabulous time!!! Crusing is so wonderful!!! So very happy that Mark was there to enjoy it all with you, too!!!

Happy Hugs, Maree in NC :~D