Sunday, February 08, 2009

John C.Cambell Photos-buildings,dinner and crafts

The lady above was not in my class.

These two ladies look like more fun. There are wonderful, beautiful old photos of people from way back on the walls scattered around. I took a few photos of the photos to share here.

Above are things made and painted by past residents of the school-everywhere you look is art

Another view of the little meeting room. Charming and comfy.

Marie on the comments tells you what this means. It was on the fireplace in the building I stayed in (I think)

This happy moon was in the office of one of the staff-isn't he happy and fun?

A handmade sign that made me smile. I love this..........

This folk art banjo hangs in the dining hall-isn't it a clever way to turn a record into a banjo?
Meals were all family style, healthy and delicious. MeatLoaf like Grandma's, Full turkey dinner, pork steaks, home made bread every day (different kinds), homemade desserts like Grandma's. Vegetarian, protein and any kind of diet you are on if taken care of too. I have traveled for 20 years and I have never had food this good anywhere where they feed so many people.

This sweet young man was the dishwasher and worked really hard. He wore a different hat everyday-a pizza hat, a pig hat and so on. He happily posed for a photo while clearing millions of dishes.


Sandi said...

Cute crescent moon, I collect them and are part of my "signature" on items I create.

The bird and sayings are interesting. Love to know what the mystery saying says!

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Marie Brown said...

Your pictures are wonderful, I love all the historic buildings! It sounds like it's set up like Asilomar with the rustic accommodations, group dining, and daily classes.

The words over the fireplace are Norwegian, but there are enough similarities to Swedish that I think I can give you a rough translation. Basically it says "Have you travelled far and are tired? Well now you have arrived and you can rest here with me."

Marie in MN