Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Those are tires for the mouth! And trees for the arms! That is one huge huge snowman-wonder how many yards it took for the hat?

These photos were taken in Maine. This is what people do when they have too much snow. Mark and I can't afford a crane to help make one so we are still hoping that what is in our yard will melt.
Isn't this the most joyful and fun snowman (girl) you have ever seen???
Thank you Curt and Joan for sending this to me to make me see someone always has it worse.

This photo reminded me of natives who make their own is just a fun and delightful silly thing and you can see where people are taking photos of themselves next to her. I'd go there to visit too if I lived there...and wasn't snowbound like I am now.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, when I was visiting in Texas, four of us girls drove to Austin. I wanted a "keep Austin weird" t-shirt but they were out of them due to it being Christmas. :0)
I had heard about this cupcake place from brenda and then we went to see for ourselves. Here Mel is eating the chocolate/chocolate cupcake and she is wearing a new hat. She bought a t-shirt for Brenda's daughter that says "Hey cupcake" on the front and on the back it says "who are you calling cupcake?" It was darling and I wanted one but then I remembered I am not a size 5. Austin weird seems like it can fit someone of my size while I scrub floors. :0)

They had made 3000 cupcakes to sell that day. The cupcakes were $2 and $2.50....the line was steady for the hours we were down was alot of fun standing in line with others and laughing about the cupcakes and the many cold drinks they sold there. I think I ordered coffee because then for Texas it was chilly. Another adventure I won't forget-they all seem to revolve around food. :0)

Don't these look tempting? They were delicious and rich!!!!

My Dad used to sell airstream trailers when I was a little girl so I have always wanted one.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aren't these pretty??? Creating magic easily and sparkle secret!

I have only shown part of the Happiness Is line here but I want you to imagine what YOU can do with it. Below is a snail that Mary linfesty did (Hoochy Style) out of the different fabrics from the line from me and Benartex. Happy and pretty. I have a trunk show for shops that have the new line and want to order Hoochy Mama or Flower Power books.

What is more fun that a scribble pattern out of crayon. I love these (3 colorways). Think of kids curtains and bedroom things. An apron out of this would be adorable with crayons for a gift!

Please ask for these at your local store-I would really appreciate it and you will love seeing the whole collection together and in person

The star prints are awesome for backgrounds and the dots are happy and so fun in everything you make

This zig zag quilt was made by Brenda who uses Marty Michell rulers and loves them.

These photos do not do justice to how cute and beautiful this fabric is. Benartex is going to give a free pattern (below) to those shops that order the line and you can then ask for it at your local shop! This quilt is now quilted and it is just adorable!

When I first designed this line, I tried to keep in mind that I wanted a good line with plenty of designs I could use for backgrounds of blocks and backgrounds of things to applique on. I want beautiful, happy colors and I wanted a line that would make sensational looking quilts.
"HAPPINESS IS" from benartex is such a line and we have had a ball with it.
PLEASE ask your local quilt shop to carry this beautiful line.
Also, not pictured here is a great flesh colored tone on tone that is words but they can barely be seen. I have been using this fabric for all of my people's faces and arms and legs and it is perfect!

Along with the beautiful clear colors of this line, I created a line called "Night and Day." It is black and soft cream. You know how some black and whites scream look at me!!!! The white is too screamy and it is hard to balance. So I created a line that you don't have to worry about that. It is the perfect balance of black and soft cream. Mari Linfesty, my friend, made a wonderful quilt with the balance of both lines of fabric and I wish you could see it in person. It is stunning.
If you want the sparkle of black in your quilts but not the scream of the whites, ask your shop to carry "night and day" from Benartex by Mary Lou Weidman. You will love the look of them. The plaid is my particular favorite due to the wonky awesome and artful lines!
Mary Linfesty makes wonderful quilts and I adore this combination!
This fabric is available NOW for shops who order it...all you need to do is ask. I am answering this as I have had alot of questions about when it is available. NOW-but the shops have to order it too. You might want to ask Equilter, Hancocks or one of the big online shops also. I never know who orders what. Although I do know that Tennessee Quilts has ordered this line. Still please ask your local shops.
Aren't these black and creams beautiful? I just love putting them in all of the quilts I am working on-great texture, color and they don't take over....and they look fabulous with other great colors.
WHY didn't someone think of blacks and soft creams before????

I adore the print below. My Grandma used to sign all of her letters with X's and O's and they remind me of her never failing and always positive LOVE.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ornaments on my tree for fun............

This darling reindeer was a gift in one of our Christmas swaps in my Yahoo -come join us!

A patchwork horse made many years ago for me by my friend Doris Denny. I treasure this.

This crocheted dolly was given to me from a friend about ten years ago

Someone in my family who knew I liked to shop gave this to me.

I bought this snowman in an airport several years ago-I love his face

I used to collect Santas and this one was given to me by my oldest daughter

Color and food always make me want to buy the ornaments...I thought these were cool.

Being a junker, I love a deal. I bought the little box of ornaments for a quarter and I have put them on my tree every year since

Years ago, I went through a phase where I bought alot of sheep things-this is leftover from that time...isn't he cute?

I thought it was appropriate for my snowman to hug the Eifel tower...I LOVE France

My home and tree is always loaded with angels-I adore angels in my home....

More ornaments of this and that. I will show you a photo of my tree either tonight or on Christmas Day!
We are going to my son's home tonight for turkey and good eats and tomorrow everyone will come for breakfast here and open the presents that Santa leaves us....
To me, friends and family are what Christmas is about.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Day and to those of you who are celebrating Hanakkah, I wish you the same good wishes.
This is a magical time for all those who are young at heart and believe in the goodness and magic of the season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is this cool or what?

Mel McFarland made this adorable backpack for a Christmas present for a girl she has taught to sew. Of coarse I hyperventilate anytime I see cherries but I think this was a lovely gift for a girl you want to encourage to be creative. I think this is cool. Cowboy fabric would be darn cute too...or maybe my new "Happiness Is" fabric. Please ask your local quilt shop to carry it. :0)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Above is a photo of Me,Brenda and Mel after shopping at Incourage. It is a wonderful shop that has only happy and beautiful gifts with a positive spin. I spent a good chunk of cash as did the other girls. This shop has hidden treasures everywhere and great music, color and happy clerks to serve you. Everyone smiles in this great atmosphere.
I will be doing a book signing there next Novemeber for my new book. This is the kind of place I would love to meet "Mary Lou" people. It has all of the things I love in a shop.

The pink tree in the background catches your eye from outside the shop and every ornament looks fabulous on this color! What fun to get out photos taken here.

Above is the shop owner (positive, friendly, remembers customers, helps and is wonderful) and next to her is her girl Friday who is also a great person to ask for help or just to talk to!

I thought this beaded bird was wonderful in every way and so creative!

Here is the nice UPS man who looks like Santa with all kinds of new things for shelves in the store. I heard that every holiday is done to perfection and creativity in this wonderful shop! This guy was cute and positive too!

Whoever heard of a red tree? It is stunning in person and they said if you use it for Christmas you can leave it up and cover it with hearts for Valentines day! COOL!

I fell in love with this wonderful angel. I thought about getting it for my birthday in Feb. (a big one) but how to get it home?????

While you are shopping they give you a beautiful bottle of cool water...what a treat.

Aren't these trees cool? We bought all kinds of goodies to put into the cornacopias we made for our family trees. This place had great prices and all kinds of stuff!

Anything red looks fabulous on lime green and thought many ornaments were sold, there were still plenty for me to buy and I plucked alot off of here to put on my own great tree at home.

The shop from the outside....this shop is next door to Starbucks...can you imagine my excitement? I hope you will come visit there when I come next Novmeber. This shop is worth the drive...I am not kidding! It was the first place I asked Brenda to drive us to see.

The owner made this great brancg to hang all of the things off of. I loved the look of cherries on branches....I hope to do this when I win the lotto all over my house..........

More ideas of things to buy....this place is a great size with all kinds of things everywhere....

I bought a similar pillow (mauve velvet) that said "To the Moon and Back" which I used to say to my children about how much I loved them....I may keep it or give it to one of the girls....
I sincerely hope you go to visit this shop sometime in the won't be sorry. It is truly wonderful in so many ways.