Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aren't these pretty??? Creating magic easily and sparkle secret!

I have only shown part of the Happiness Is line here but I want you to imagine what YOU can do with it. Below is a snail that Mary linfesty did (Hoochy Style) out of the different fabrics from the line from me and Benartex. Happy and pretty. I have a trunk show for shops that have the new line and want to order Hoochy Mama or Flower Power books.

What is more fun that a scribble pattern out of crayon. I love these (3 colorways). Think of kids curtains and bedroom things. An apron out of this would be adorable with crayons for a gift!

Please ask for these at your local store-I would really appreciate it and you will love seeing the whole collection together and in person

The star prints are awesome for backgrounds and the dots are happy and so fun in everything you make

This zig zag quilt was made by Brenda who uses Marty Michell rulers and loves them.

These photos do not do justice to how cute and beautiful this fabric is. Benartex is going to give a free pattern (below) to those shops that order the line and you can then ask for it at your local shop! This quilt is now quilted and it is just adorable!

When I first designed this line, I tried to keep in mind that I wanted a good line with plenty of designs I could use for backgrounds of blocks and backgrounds of things to applique on. I want beautiful, happy colors and I wanted a line that would make sensational looking quilts.
"HAPPINESS IS" from benartex is such a line and we have had a ball with it.
PLEASE ask your local quilt shop to carry this beautiful line.
Also, not pictured here is a great flesh colored tone on tone that is words but they can barely be seen. I have been using this fabric for all of my people's faces and arms and legs and it is perfect!

Along with the beautiful clear colors of this line, I created a line called "Night and Day." It is black and soft cream. You know how some black and whites scream look at me!!!! The white is too screamy and it is hard to balance. So I created a line that you don't have to worry about that. It is the perfect balance of black and soft cream. Mari Linfesty, my friend, made a wonderful quilt with the balance of both lines of fabric and I wish you could see it in person. It is stunning.
If you want the sparkle of black in your quilts but not the scream of the whites, ask your shop to carry "night and day" from Benartex by Mary Lou Weidman. You will love the look of them. The plaid is my particular favorite due to the wonky awesome and artful lines!
Mary Linfesty makes wonderful quilts and I adore this combination!
This fabric is available NOW for shops who order it...all you need to do is ask. I am answering this as I have had alot of questions about when it is available. NOW-but the shops have to order it too. You might want to ask Equilter, Hancocks or one of the big online shops also. I never know who orders what. Although I do know that Tennessee Quilts has ordered this line. Still please ask your local shops.
Aren't these black and creams beautiful? I just love putting them in all of the quilts I am working on-great texture, color and they don't take over....and they look fabulous with other great colors.
WHY didn't someone think of blacks and soft creams before????

I adore the print below. My Grandma used to sign all of her letters with X's and O's and they remind me of her never failing and always positive LOVE.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at a new quilting magazine last night and I saw the ad with your picture with some of these fabrics. They sure are pretty! I'll be looking for them when I go to the quilt shops that I visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Lou, I am wondering just when to expect your new fabric in the stores? It's very pretty.

Thanks for your blog. It's the bright spot of my day.


Carol said...

Mary Lou,
This new line is so pretty, cheery and just plain fun! That Hoochy snail is too cute. Looking at all of the fabrics and colors is so inspiring today, here with all of the fog. . . It's giving me itchy fingers and thimbles! I just can't wait to get my hands on some of your pretty new fabrics!
Carol in foggy Fair Oaks, CA

Pam said...

love your new fabric.... the x's and o's!! and fabric with words!!
a must have.. :0)