Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, when I was visiting in Texas, four of us girls drove to Austin. I wanted a "keep Austin weird" t-shirt but they were out of them due to it being Christmas. :0)
I had heard about this cupcake place from brenda and then we went to see for ourselves. Here Mel is eating the chocolate/chocolate cupcake and she is wearing a new hat. She bought a t-shirt for Brenda's daughter that says "Hey cupcake" on the front and on the back it says "who are you calling cupcake?" It was darling and I wanted one but then I remembered I am not a size 5. Austin weird seems like it can fit someone of my size while I scrub floors. :0)

They had made 3000 cupcakes to sell that day. The cupcakes were $2 and $2.50....the line was steady for the hours we were down there....it was alot of fun standing in line with others and laughing about the cupcakes and the many cold drinks they sold there. I think I ordered coffee because then for Texas it was chilly. Another adventure I won't forget-they all seem to revolve around food. :0)

Don't these look tempting? They were delicious and rich!!!!

My Dad used to sell airstream trailers when I was a little girl so I have always wanted one.


Anonymous said...

I love cupcakes and Airstream trailers too. Doc and I had three while we were still camping but now that we have a 2nd home near the lake we no longer have trailers. I loved them, each one, and have many wonderful memories of pulling our trailers to and fro.
Happy New Year, Mary Lou!

lkm said...

Oh my, Mary Lou. I just saw this. It's about a block from where my older daughter lives (on S. Congress, right?) We were there at Thanksgiving. I didn't get a cupcake, though--they look divine!