Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wholly cow this is cute

I took a photo of this fun cow at a latte place in Seattle- one can never have too much coffee or too many smiles with funny cows


Sandi said...

Cute picture Mary Lou, you've inspired me to carry my little digital camera around with me more often.

You just never know what is around the next corner.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Carol said...

Dear Mary Lou,
How appropriate!
A milk cow, made from milk cans!
Sure does lend the old gal a fun expression!
Coffee sounds good right about now, think I'll go fix a cup.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful things you share to get us inspired!
hoochy hugs,

Maree in NC :~D said...

Hey, Mary Lou! I'm a HUGE cow fan from way back and would love to have one of these girls in my yard!

Many years ago for Halloween, I made myself a cute cow "suit" and had such fun mooing the night away. My husband dressed up as a farmer. :-) Lots of laughs here! Some people might think we are nuts, but that's OK! We're the ones having fun, fun, fun!

Happy Halloween Hugs!

Maree in NC :~D

Maree in NC :~D said...

Happy Halloween, Mary Lou! I'd love to visit your friend Chairmane's house tonight! She could even use me as something scary for her yard! LOL How fun! I'm a huge cow fan from way back! I'd love to have one of those girls out in the yard here!