Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Surprise Platter and More Story Quilts in the Works

I was with a group of friends who love to do Story Quilts and they were working on theirs and I was working on mine. I hope to do another book of stories and border tips and so I have begged friends to help fill the book. These are all quilts in progress.
The quilt below is by Lois who has done many wonderful story quilts. This quilt has the theme of a friend of hers and her cats. It will be wonderful once it is done and a legacy of who this woman is and what she loves. Do you have a quilt to be left about who or what you love? What will people know about you in 80 years from your artwork? Think about this.

Maris' quilt below is about she and her sons. She is embellishing this. The colors are wonderful as is the theme and design.

A pretty photo of Mari above.
Closeup of Mari's quilt below.

Close up of borders in Ginger's quilt below.

The quilt below is by Stasi Wilson who has become a master at Story quilts. We will know lots about her in 80 years as she is prolific and does great things.

The quilt below is by Ginger and is called "Festivus for the Rest of Us." I love her dog- this quilt is also in progress.


Sandi said...

Cute platter Mary Lou, I love to see things that make you go Hmmm? where could I put that in my home? I wonder what made the person come up with the idea? The quilts you have pictured are great. Can't wait to see the new book.

Anonymous said...

Tjat platter is wonderful - lol fun! The hoochy borders set off the truly stunning story quilts perfectly. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.
Quilty hugs

Rhondi said...

Every day I look forward to seeing what's on your blog. I love all the pictures:) What wonderful story quilts. Those quilters are very talented! It inspires me to get going on mine

kjb139 said...

dSo cute!!! Love the colors! I look at your website every morning as it starts my day off on a happy note, but now, I have to get up earlier to look at your blog too! A double dose of happy is worth it!

Kathy B
Westport, MA