Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FLOWER POWER sample and fun things to look at!

This wonderful quilt is the cover of my Flower Power book. I got to take a few photos of it while I was at a retreat with 22 girlfriends sewing. Is there anything better than creating, sharing , laughing, eating, cutting ,sewing, drawing, taping, painting and about 30 other things all in one happy room? I got home a little while ago and I am tired but very happy at the fun I had.
Please ask your local quilt shop to carry "Flower Power" which I distribute. I also teach workshops Based on this great method and book. Such fun!
I tried to load the photo of the owner of this quilt who was ill when all of my Asilomar students made her a block from the book. Tonight, blogspot is having trouble and will not let me load this on.

The above arrangement was on Freddy Moran's table when I went to visit her after PIQF and go out for lunch. She has great stuff in her house that makes you smile.

The car above was parked outside a nice Quilt shop in Danville. I am a little concerned about the person in the trunk although she doesn't look like she was a nice person....does she look like a witch to you?

The above quilt was made by a "Rocket Scientist" named Cathy at our little retreat. I am not kidding...this was my first encounter with a Rocket Scientist-smart, sewed like the wind and fun too.


CONNIE W said...

Mary Lou, All I can think of is "WOW!" at each & every photo. Your book cover is fantastic! Sounds like you had way too much fun!!!

Sandi said...

Sounds like you had a great time Mary Lou, I love the new pictures. I also have a friend who is a rocket scientist, he is married to a quilting friend of mine. He has a very quick wit, and a lot of fun. He made his wife a big board ironing board, when we admired it he made two for us us to take home while we were out quilt store shopping.

I like the mini-pumpkins at Freddy's house. I was able to meet her at Houston last year, what a wonderful lady she is.

Can't wait to hear more about your retreat and see more pictures.

Rhondi said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time. Lucky you to call Freddy Moran a friend. I'd love to see her house in person. Missed reading your blog and enjoying al the fun pictures you post.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou it was so much fun to spend the days laughing and sewing with everyone! It sparked my creative juices and I am working on Festivus and my parents quilt! Love, joy, and laughter are the best inspirations!

Lynda said...

Hi Mary Lou,

It's actually Kathe, and you didn't mention that the blue block is Mine. Boo Hoo!

Lynda, notice I'm not whining about getting no credit for the quilting of Dianne's quilt.