Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year Friends! Count Your Blessings for More to Come

My husband went fishing for the first time in years with my son in law and his Dad and my Grandson. He LOVED it! So nice for him as he goes back to work this coming week.
My little Grandson was playing with the fish in the holding tank on the boat and all of a sudden he was quiet and when the guys looked over to see if he was OK, he was asleep.....pretty funny.
Woody Allen usually makes me laugh and I found this photo of him walking his pet ant. Look at that always makes me laugh.
The New Year is almost here...maybe this will be the year you make a FLOWER POWER quilt....they are a ton of fun and they look awesome hung up and are great for gifts...LOVE COLOR? This is for you!
Hope to meet you this year in a Flower Power class or one of the many other ones I teach! Happiest of New years and Many happy happy surprises in the coming year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The gift of a Smile and a Moment to Enjoy

"Ohhhhhhh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!"
Mary Lou's Favorite Snow Angels.....
I saw this little dress and wanted to know why they don't make things like this in my size? This would fit in perfectly with my quilts! It is a good reference for color ideas. And by the way, don't you wish they made adult shoes that blink? I sure do
I want a set of these pencils for Christmas don't you?
Can you believe the colors of duct tape now? My Grandfather's idea of fixing anything was to wrap it in gray duct tape...I remember a chair intheir kitchen that was half gray from him wrapping and wrapping, would be really fun for me to see now with this kind of stuff!
I love all of the birds make from the Flower Power book but this time of year the cardinals are the best!
My husband and I are very thankful this Christmas and so thankful for all of you who prayed for us. Bunnysisters, thank you sincerely. Kathy Collins your card to Mark was lovely and appreciated. Life is good and it is good to give thanks for it's many blessings no matter how simple. I hope this made you smile today. I put a clip on my column to the right by Ben Aaron, my favorite reporter,,,there is another one on my other blog. He is hilarious. It feels so good to laugh and to smile doesn't it? Remember to share your joy with others....people who serve this time of year, love a cheerful person who shares their smile and something nice to say... I am going to share my Aunt's fudge recipe which is called "Don't share this recipe with anyone fudge"-it is delicious...stay tuned

Saturday, December 15, 2012

COME ON AND GET HAPPY! It is healthier for you and those around you

I am taking the high road and protecting my heart and my health by taking time to pray for people who need prayer this week. We all know about the tradgedy that has happened in the US and avoiding television who wants to go on and on and on about how horrible this is will only make you sadder and what can you do? You can pray and then you can be positive and do something GOOD for someone to put good over evil in the world. Watching tv and reading about evil does nothing good. Make some cookies for an person who might love them, send a card to someone who might be lonely, help someone decorate their tree, give someone an ornament to hang on a tree, make ornaments with kids and have happy music on to listen to while making memories, volunteer for something this month, hug a friend or neighbor, SMILE and be extra friendly to a waitress, coffee girl, clerk or someone who is working to help you. Tell your family and friends you love them. Shovel snow or sweep someone's sidewalk. Give a poinsettia to someone. Be the happy person people who long for light in their lives. This is what we all need. LOVE, in a word.
The quilt above is made by my friend Diane from Nebraska. She doesn't think she likes the cups on the bottom...I LOVE them!
Now that is an Out of the Box snowman above isn't it" VERY happy
COOL right
I love anything that Bodi Gardner does....she is outstanding at story quilts! I just want to make the point that this month is rich with happy stories of good and sharing....write down a few of these for quilt ideas and see what you can do in the way of something wonderful! I am so looking forward to being with some of you this year in workshops across the US....My focus is on happiness and if you are happy, you will make other happy too. Want to see how I deal with trying times and a little mantra I say" Check out my other blog - google "Mary Lou and Whimsy Too" and you too will know the secret of having something good to say to yourself when you need cheering up! Like magic/

Friday, December 07, 2012

Mel's NEW Machine, Pajamas for the Homeless Hooray, Snow Friends to Inspire!

's new mahine
I ran into this new photo of Mel McFarland who I did my "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book with..... Mel has a good eye for fun things and I am not surprised she found this lovely featherweight machine at Roxanne's shop in California. I think this is awesome and you notice how it lights up her blouse too. :0) When my hsuabdn was first diagnosed, she sent him new pajamas, a robe from Nordstroms, slippers,a warm blanket, books to read and gift cards for restaurants. He has been healing and is still sore from the surgery but is so comfy in the things she sent that it made the whole experience better. This was more than special for our whole family, we were overwhelmed as you can imagine.
I had wonderful news this week. I sold five of my Out of the Box books which brought in $15. each that I can buy pajamas for the homeless with. Then I got a lovely letter from a friend in Michigan and her husband and they are donating $100. to the "Jammies for Jimmy's" fund. I have a little money set aside from sales of my scissor necklaces and a little money I set aside that is from my Mother in an envelope. So I am going to go down and find pajamas at Penny's and/or Sears. I am hoping I can find out when a sale will hit and then I can buy more. Such fun to know a homeless person will be wrapped in pajamas of love. It is getting so cold and damp here and the Mission is so good about offering the men a new chance to rebuild their lives. Last year they opened a car lots that takes old cars etc. and teaches the men how to fix and redo the cars and they sell them to put money into the cause. If a man goes through the steps to rebuild and repair their lives, they set them up with a full time job, a place to live and they help furnish it. I give my old furniture, dishes etc. to them for thie reason. It is really a wonderful thing. Thank you for those that helped me-as the Bible says "we are Blessed to BE a Blessing.
Whow doesn't remember making cute snowmen if you live where there is snow. Myself, I am hoping for a white about you?
I think these snowmen give you some good ideas for jumping off and making a snowmen or lady quilt or two...I remember I did one that I did every member of our family...such fun!
I thought it would be fun to share this road sign that is from who knows where? I would like this outside my house during this time of year...I am so creaky in the morning and in the cold and I don't even make it so quickly as I used to to the mailbox. Haha. Luckily my husband has been going just to walk a little more which he knows is good for him. :0) Have a wonderful Christmas month...I love this time of year and am so thankful for each of you who prayed for our family during Mark's surgery. You can't pay for prayers and it is only from a generous heart that you can get those kinds of gifts. Thank you again.

Color of the Year 2013-Do you Like It?

So I thought I would post the old colors first...I like 2007. This is the new color choice is ok but not my favorite shade...
Start looking around next year and you will see this color in Target, Nordstroms, and every other store that carries new merchandise. I am sure we will be seeing quilt fabric with this color too. You will probably have a new purse this color and clothing and mugs and? It's a get our money. :0)