Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year Friends! Count Your Blessings for More to Come

My husband went fishing for the first time in years with my son in law and his Dad and my Grandson. He LOVED it! So nice for him as he goes back to work this coming week.
My little Grandson was playing with the fish in the holding tank on the boat and all of a sudden he was quiet and when the guys looked over to see if he was OK, he was asleep.....pretty funny.
Woody Allen usually makes me laugh and I found this photo of him walking his pet ant. Look at that always makes me laugh.
The New Year is almost here...maybe this will be the year you make a FLOWER POWER quilt....they are a ton of fun and they look awesome hung up and are great for gifts...LOVE COLOR? This is for you!
Hope to meet you this year in a Flower Power class or one of the many other ones I teach! Happiest of New years and Many happy happy surprises in the coming year!


Maree Rogers said...

I have two of my granddaughters over at the moment and about an hour ago they found an ant each that they were going to keep as pets. I must show them Woody Allen walking his pet ant. However they soon forgot about their pet ants and have just gone off for another swim in the pool with their poppa supervising while I prepare dessert for dinner.

Also I am still slowly working on my flower power quilt - I added another appliqued butterfly yesterday when I found a pretty scrap that just had to join my quilt. As you say they are a lot of fun to make.

Best wishes for the New Year

Maree in New Zealand

DianeP said...

Happy New Year to you too, Mary Lou!

So great to see the happy fisherman picture of your husband and the little cutie asleep while watching the fish.

Thanks for the inspiration for a good New Year's Resolution - make a Flower Power quilt this year!

Sandi said...

Happy New Year Mary Lou,

Mark looks great, what a wonderful picture of your grandson, surely a story quilt will evolve from that event!

May 2013 find you with good health and peace and joy.