Friday, December 07, 2012

Mel's NEW Machine, Pajamas for the Homeless Hooray, Snow Friends to Inspire!

's new mahine
I ran into this new photo of Mel McFarland who I did my "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book with..... Mel has a good eye for fun things and I am not surprised she found this lovely featherweight machine at Roxanne's shop in California. I think this is awesome and you notice how it lights up her blouse too. :0) When my hsuabdn was first diagnosed, she sent him new pajamas, a robe from Nordstroms, slippers,a warm blanket, books to read and gift cards for restaurants. He has been healing and is still sore from the surgery but is so comfy in the things she sent that it made the whole experience better. This was more than special for our whole family, we were overwhelmed as you can imagine.
I had wonderful news this week. I sold five of my Out of the Box books which brought in $15. each that I can buy pajamas for the homeless with. Then I got a lovely letter from a friend in Michigan and her husband and they are donating $100. to the "Jammies for Jimmy's" fund. I have a little money set aside from sales of my scissor necklaces and a little money I set aside that is from my Mother in an envelope. So I am going to go down and find pajamas at Penny's and/or Sears. I am hoping I can find out when a sale will hit and then I can buy more. Such fun to know a homeless person will be wrapped in pajamas of love. It is getting so cold and damp here and the Mission is so good about offering the men a new chance to rebuild their lives. Last year they opened a car lots that takes old cars etc. and teaches the men how to fix and redo the cars and they sell them to put money into the cause. If a man goes through the steps to rebuild and repair their lives, they set them up with a full time job, a place to live and they help furnish it. I give my old furniture, dishes etc. to them for thie reason. It is really a wonderful thing. Thank you for those that helped me-as the Bible says "we are Blessed to BE a Blessing.
Whow doesn't remember making cute snowmen if you live where there is snow. Myself, I am hoping for a white about you?
I think these snowmen give you some good ideas for jumping off and making a snowmen or lady quilt or two...I remember I did one that I did every member of our family...such fun!
I thought it would be fun to share this road sign that is from who knows where? I would like this outside my house during this time of year...I am so creaky in the morning and in the cold and I don't even make it so quickly as I used to to the mailbox. Haha. Luckily my husband has been going just to walk a little more which he knows is good for him. :0) Have a wonderful Christmas month...I love this time of year and am so thankful for each of you who prayed for our family during Mark's surgery. You can't pay for prayers and it is only from a generous heart that you can get those kinds of gifts. Thank you again.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

What a wonderful find. A turquoise machine!!! I could only wish to finding one of those. Love all the snowmen too.

DianeP said...

Thank you for sharing Mel's cute Featherweight. Did it really come in that color? Maybe I can spray paint my white one?!?!

Love all the snowmen quilt ideas - that is a new entry on my "List of Stuff To Do...".

I keep praying for you and your husband and hope his healing continues well.

Sandi said...

Hi Mary Lou,

Mel's turquoise machine is lovely, I remember admiring all the great colours when I when to Roxanne's shop and wanted to get one. The person who refurbishes e those machines does a great job.

What a lovely friend Mel is to do all that for your husband's recovery, I'm glad to hear Mark is feeling better.

My friend Ethel Snow was a school teacher and she took some children's drawings of snowmen and made them into a lovely quilt. She has several snowman themed quilts in her collection.

I see a snowman quilt in my near future.