Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessed to Be A Blessing...How About You?

Just wanted to mention how very blessed most of us are and if you live in the US, 15% of all Americans are on food stamps and many people have lost their jobs and are depressed and sad this November. I would like to first of all say we all need a sense of gratitude for whatever gifts we have such as health, or being able to imagine, or having someone to love like family, friends or our pets, if your house is warm, if you have running water, food somewhere in your home, then please give thanks. I am giving to several food banks in three states because I know I am blessed to be a blessing. If you take stock of what you have then do something nice for someone and ask them to pass it along....if we all did that the world would be a much better place. I am taking the proceeds of my books this month and giving pajamas to the Mission as I often is cold here already and as I drove home from Troy Montana today, the roads were icy and the snow was coming down as fast as my wipers could get it off the windshield. Wouldn't it be nice to know that what you gave which would not hurt you could make a huge difference for some little family or a widow or someone that needs help. This is Thanksgiving week here and I think the food would taste better knowing your helped make someone else's day better.


Carol said...

This is an excellent post. The world would be so much better if every single person in it would be a blessing to each other.

Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol

waggonswest said...

Thank you for continuing to remind people about the need for donations at local food pantries. If you don't have food or cash to donate, I know that they can all use a donation of time.