Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Snow Today and a note from my friends about Being Thankful...

It is still snowing here and it has snowed more now than it did all last year. Can you believe it?
I wanted to share something that my friend Mel MacFarland wrote me a long time ago...I bet she forgot.
"Be Thankful"
"Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude"
"Thankfulness is much more dependant on attitude than circumstance."
"When you feel the lack of what you don't have, thank God for what you do have!"
"At anytime, there is more going right in life than there is wrong. It's just that the "wrong" makes alot more noise than right!"
Jim Stevens
I loved this because it is so true-don't be a half empty glass, be a half full glass. Life is much sweeter that way and you have expectations of all good things to come to you and it happens!


WoolenSails said...

I think the little lady needs a coat, lol.
I am trying to be half full, but got another cold. I wonder if I can be in the world record book for getting the most colds and flues in one season;) The good thing is, I can't do much more than sit, so getting a lot of stitching done.


Catsngrams said...

Wow you have more snow than we got. They had us believeing that we were going to get a blizzard but we just got a drizzal. Take care.

Patty said...

I appreciate both your entries, the one from Thanksgiving evening as well as this post!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Beautiful post. I'm going to write these out and post them on my mirror so I will see them every morning. What a beautiful way to start my day. Thanks for sharing.

Duff said...

I'm thankful you remind me to be thankful!
Smiles your way today!

Terry said...

The more positive we can be, the more fun life is. . .great post!