Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey HON, Have you ever quilted in Baltimore?

Being in Baltimore, you soon learn that the word "Hon" is part of the culture there as is bee hive harido's and those winged glasses-reminds me of my childhood-very fun and in the summer they actually have a "HON FEST" ....your town doesn't have one of those......
Had I known this I think I could have found some glasses and a beehive wig....it would have been great fun. To live in Baltimore is to have a great sense of humor....(in my opinion) I wonder if you can ever relate to this. It is a guild show and tell and your camera is all ready and they open the quilt, your camera tries to focus and they close the quilt as it is taking the photo. Arggggh! I have about 15 photos like the one below.....But you can tell this is a pretty quilt...as were the others for the Baltimore Quilt Guild. Very talented people.....but the holders were quick on the job!Below is the photo of Didi with her chicken pattern from my Whimsies and Whynots book. I plan to do this as a pattern again...just need a little time. :0) Who doesn't love chickens and this pattern has always been a big hit!
A little raffia worked well here don't you think?I would LOVE to own this wonderful quilt. They had a group where each member made part of the quilt....isn't this fun and colorful and happy!
Below is a photo (of sorts) of the lovely and talented Mimi Dietrich who is "the" Baltimore quilter! She has done numberous books and taught all over the place. To read what this quilt says click on the photo and then click on the back aero to go back to this.
Some of my students brought lovely show and tell projects. The project below was alot of fun as it is a self portrait. The glasses were amazing and she said she used that thick plastic they put items in that you don't ever think you will be able to get open. WOW, that was genius....it is sure to outlast any cotton fabric etc. Click on this photo too to see all of the neat things she wrote and then the back button again. :0)
The above photo is a close up of a "true" Baltimore Album quilt by Mimi the master of this type of quilting. She is sweet, she is knowledgeable and she isn't a know at all....she is wonderful!
And by the way she took my class on self portrait, I heard tell her friends were worried she might change her delightful style of quilting.....can't wait to see her Baltimore Angel....stay tuned as I am hoping she will share it here with us.....
I think Mimi is a bit shy also, don't you?
Two lovely students who drove for hours to take the class-they are from another State...far away and now I cannot remember which one....somewhere above Maryland I believe. Nice girls and very talented and fun too!


ROZ said...

Makes me want to go to Baltimore! Super quilts made by super quilters

WoolenSails said...

It looks like you had a time in Maryland.
What a wonderful display of quilts and the raffia is such a fun idea.


Sandi said...

The lady on the right with the red hair reminds me of "Opal Cortland" from all my children, one of my favourite soap actresses.

Great quilts, can't wait to see pictures from your workshops.

YankeeQuilter said...

I took Mimi's yearlong Baltimore Album class and learned loads! Great lady! Glad you enjoyed your time in Charm city, hon!