Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glimpses of Asilomar workshop with Mary Lou in sunny California

Nancy from Sacramento used more of her talents to do this wonderful quilt.
The wallhanging above was done from the Flower Power book and also some handouts I gave at Asilomar over the years. This is just the type of thing we will be doing in May for my retreat. Piecing that is fun and hoochy and free and colorful! The retreat in May is full but the August Story quilt workshop has openings and will be fun and you can tell the world about YOU and enjoy other friends doing the same thing.

We always take a photo of the fun students in the class and here were the 18 delightful women in the class and not one negative, glass empty at all-do you know how uplifting that is??? It is fabulous. So this year if I add it up right I had 37 fabulous happy, positive, fun, wonderful women who made my job a total dream. Thank you if you are reading this. I love each one of you and hope we run into each other on our happy road of life and quilting.

I am sorry to say that I took the photos only on day two and I left out many people and many story quilts which were almost done. The ladies in the class as I said were a dream and Jan (tall lady from Chicago) did the unthinkable and she finished a border in one day and her story in one day and the rest of the time she appliqued a seven layer cake depciting her 7 decades on earth which she will load down with badges, jewelry and other things over the years which mark her years. She was unbelieveable and fun. She is pictured with Alex from Sante Fe who I met there. They are both fabulous women. Glad they met.

Call enjoyed three sister-June, Jerry and Josephine Jarvus who all had fabulous ideas, stories and positive energy. I enjoyed them loads and was happy to help Josephine draw up Eve very curvy with one big fig leaf in front of her. It is going to be a prize winning quilt for sure! If anyone has any photos of the class, please send them I would love to share them here.

Lots of color, lots of stories, lots of friendships made, tiaras were handed out and used, daisy pins and loads of fairy gifts people bring to give to others. We all left with a nice array of things to make us happy and remember one another.
This is such a lovely way to be in class together, sharing ideas, memories, sentiments and funny things. It is a feel good class and lovely to be greatful for things we had forgotten as we share. Made me ready for Spring and thankful for God's many blessings we don't take time to notice.
Hope your past couple of weeks has been happy too.


pajudie said...

Wow - that looks like it was a fun retreat - wish I lived closer!!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

looks like SOO much fun!!

WoolenSails said...

Your classes look so fun. I noticed you are going to maine this summer, maybe I will try and plan a trip up there, during the show.