Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some highlights of Market

This fun photo is of Mel McFarland, Amy Butler and me. Mel and I just bought Amy's latest book on sewing for babies. Amy and I became friends when we attended the AQS creativity workshop. She is so much fun and so talented. I am an avid fan.

This is me and none other than the real Pam (kitty morning). I know this is a stupid photo of me but it is the best I have. Pam made purses for me out of my fabrics and she made me the purse I am holding. She is helping her friend Elizabeth Scott and all of the quilts behind us are Elizabeth's designs. Very very pretty. If you would like to visit Pam's blog please go to and if you would like to visit Elizabeth's site, She designs for Moda and has very pretty things.

Tortilla Soup at the Four Seasons in our room. Both Mel and I were exhausted from our flights and getting everything in place for Market. I just noticed this photo is upside down but that's pretty creative. Anyway, it was a nice quiet dinner as we waited for Linzee, an writer for AQS to come and share our room for the week.

There was alot of evidence of hurricanes in Houston downtown. These buildings were next to ours so I took photos. There were thousands of windows blown out for miles. As we flew over we could see rooftops on homes missing and they all had blue tarps covering them. It was a good reminder that if your home is in tact and you are enjoying the day, you are blessed. My good friend Peggy lost her wonderful job she had in Galveston because of the hurricane. Her building is gone and her job (it went to another city in Texas). Aren't we blessed if we have our homes and jobs and family in tact?


PamKittyMorning said...

It was great to meet you in real life. Just want to add... its Elizabeth Scott of Late Bloomer Quilts, not Holly!

Thanks for letting me make some bags for you!

Renee said...

Blessed we are every day we wake up! But when we have our family, friends, homes and jobs in tact, we are doubly blest!

Looks like you are enjoying Market. Thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

I can't believe that I totally missed you at market. And we even stayed at the same hotel... argh!! I just posted my first of several market posts as well. Maybe next market we'll meet.

happy zombie said...

So fun reading and seeing Market through your eyes. Wowie zowie you've got some neat show n tell! Love your PKM bag too!!!