Sunday, April 27, 2008

Living Vicariously through my friends...

Many of you know my good friend Susan Typpi who works as a flight attendant for Alaska as did her husband Esko (the pilot) until he retired. Susan is in New York every week which I love because we often share our love of NY and the Big Apple and our favorite restaurants and place to buy cool stuff when we are together at Lopez Island in the summer.
This week Susan went to dinner at Lester's Holts House. He is the brother of her friend Mike and so she was invited to go to Lester's (he is the Today show host.) She said he was just as gracious and lovely in person as he is on TV. Susan is at the right. The lady on the far left has been my flight attendant on many Alaskan flights I have been on. Susan has fabulous blond hair that we all love, she is very funny and very nice to everyone as well as being great at her job and an awesome friend.
It was fun to see just a bit of his apartment. :-) Don't you love it?
I feel like I was "almost" there. That cake looks good too doesn't it?
This is NOT Susan's first brush with someone famous. She has always said her first husband was Darth Vader.
I thought this would be fun to share with YOU. Please comment.


Nancy said...

Oh, it's Lester Holt!! How fun to see him in his "natural" setting. Wish she could have snapped photos of the whole apartment. LOL

We are big TODAY show fans.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan! Another "brush with greatness." Greg and I ran into Lester one morning in NYC when he was leaving the Today Show. He was a great guy to silly fans like us! It makes me feel good when famous people also turn out to be good guys!
Kathy C.