Monday, February 25, 2008

Asilomar Photos in my File to see from years past

Above is Tami Sue (usually our fearless hostess), Lois and Stasi (who serve as backup advisors since they have come so many years and made so many wonderful Story Quilts

Someone sent me these photos hence the small size-click on these images and they might enlarge-the quilt above is by Stasi who has a husband and four children

This is a friend who wanted to join in the snacks at the workshop-he comes every year

The above is a family photo of the Morrisons. The Dad sends his wife and daughters to Asilomar every year as a gift so they can be together. I think this is their 10th year. He is awesome isn't he?

The above is Lynda who is a master of applique and she politely doesn't tell me she doesn't like my method -she provides us with comic relief and advice on my subjects

We not only wear tiaras every year but now we have coordinated the colors we wear each day-it drives some other people going to other classes crazy. They think we laugh too much...which makes us laugh. We belive creativity is created through happiness, not pain.

This was a class that I did not know or think about color coordination (thought up by students as was the tiaras)-what fun all of this is!

Carol and Tami hard at work on their projects- see in the background that Carol bought a new Tasuti Zoo doll. :0) I think it was a shock for that doll to go from California to Missouri. I hope she made some friends (like Carol-who has the best color sense ever!)

This is Stasi working on the Flower Power quilt for her Mother who was ill and in the hospital for part of our class. This quilt helped heal her I am happy to report. You can see it on the cover of the Flower Power book.

This is Janet holding up the border for her husband's quilt-she is laughing
To see the Asilomar
These photos are just a sample of what you will be experiencing in Jonesborough at Tennessee quilts, Santa Barbara quilt retreat in May and of coarse this year's Asilomar classes.
I will have more and better photos afterwards.
NOTE- if your photo isn't here it will be this year, I have a better and new camera-I am sorry to the many people I have not shown here-there are loads of YOU.

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