Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farm Chicks, Art Fest and Story Quilting + Golf for your Hubby

Here is the Farm Chicks Poster for this year. This is where we will be going the day before my Idaho Retreat. It is sure to have lots to excite and a ton of ideas that you will love to think about to make once you get home. I always buy old trims, fabric, old tablecloths, some old dishes, a little furniture, last year I bought darling picnic boxes to store fabric in, a painted ironing board for a side table, an old American flag and well as some charms to sew on quilts. We all meet up with a cute apron on and I hand out our tiaras for the week. It is fun because alot of people dress up in Vintage clothing, cowgirl attire and darling tops and aprons. Many people asked for photos. Then after that we will go to Artfest in historic Browns Addition in downtown Spokane where our Museum is. They have juried vendors with awesome art, jewelry, garden art, good food, and tons of things you will want to see. I bought the coolest pair of earring cheap there last year and I want more this year. :0) Then the next day starts the story quilt class. My husband has offered to take any husband's golfing on Tuesday which is his day off. We have beautiful golf coarses and lots to see here. Tourism is one of our number one industries and since we are on the Idaho border there is lots in both States. Hope you can make it...we are down to two openings and I would love to fill them....

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