Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I am working on, getting hurt and West Virginia Workshop from Last year and five day workshops!

This is Sarah my little neighbor whose Mom sews with me. She makes a snowman every year and the snowmen get cuter and so does her....she is kissing him. :0) Stuff memories are made of!
I think a MOOdern Cow would be great fun so I started one this week and my friend Connie helped me piece and it was alot of fun and since many places are borrowing the cows we know of this year, we are looking for all of them. We want all new variety when people go to see the funand the invention and the creativity! STAY tuned!
This is the beginning of the embellishing I did on this small Southwestern piece. So much fun...there are about 500 more things on there now (no kidding) and it will be all ready in another week or so for my embellishment classes I am teaching this year...I will br bringing large quilts and wool things and other surprises. If you are taking any five day workshops from me, you will get some great tips on doing this type of thing. :0) Slammed my hand in the truck door last night ....I must be getting clumsier...I dropped a suitcase on my foot not long ago Maybe it is because I am getting older but I remember in fifth grade I was always falling because I could not control my longer legs etc... Five day workshops are my most favorite because so many people can get their story quilts going to the point of them finishing them and knowing where they are going. This year I am teaching a five day workshop at Asilomar (it is full), At John C. Campbell Folk School in Mary, At Cedar Creek West Virginia in May and in June, I will have my very own Story quilt in Idaho. To find out what you need as in contact person and price and dates you can go to my website at and click on schedule above. Hope to see you there! I ran into some photos by Sharon B. from our West Virginia class at Cedar Lakes West Virginia...a five day story quilt workshop we will have again in May.
This is a photo of Rosemary's quilt about her cool!
Carolyn from Baltimore finished her quilt for her Granddaughter's have seen it here before and it is wonderful in so many ways!
Carol made us all smile...
Kim's smile and Happy attitude helped alot even though she sat in the corner...haha
This is why it much better to take a longer workshop to develop, think and invent along with the day isn't much of a time to learn anything in workshops...If you can find a five day workshop, this is what your artist wants and then you are on your own ROAD less taken.
Isn't this the most wonderful story quilt drawing? So fun!
I LOVED this necklace! SO SO cool and hey with her smile it is even better, don't you think???
Sharon did a story about sewing with her family and isn't that a story many of us can relate to??? So glad that you are seeing these photos. I have a great finished quilt from this workshop I just got of a woman on an elephant in Thailand....will be sharing it next with some other stories people have sent me. If you aren't doing story quilts and whimsical quilts and happy quilts and family story quilts, you are missing out! Hope to meet you sometime this year for one of the Creativity workshops...they are so much fun and so fulfilling too!


DianeP said...

So so sorry to learn about your hand - hope it feels lots better soon! Do you have a heating pad that you could wrap around it? Warm, wet heat might make it feel better.

Wish I could join you for a class, but alas...

Marlynne said...

Someday I'm going to do it!!!! (Take a 5 day workshop with you) Just love your style! So sorry about your hand!

carla said...

Hi!!! Hope your hand is doing better!!! I have been clumsy all my life!!! I am a hazard to my health!!! You can see the clumsiness in my mom, my daughter and already my 2 yr old grand daughter!!! It runs in the females?!!! Whats up with that!!! I often go to get in the car door and hit my head?!!! What I don't know my head is there?!!!
Then my twenty year old daughter does the same thing!!! All these quilts are so wonderful and so cheerful!!! Thank You so much!!!!

kim kerschl said...

Loved seeing all the photos from Cedar Lake. I can't wait to go this year!!!! Look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones!

kim kerschl said...

Loved looking at all the memories from West Virginia and Cedar Lakes!

Can't wait to go again this year! So much fun. I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces and meeting some new ones!

Kim in VA

Aileen said...

I bought your books a few years ago and leaf through the regularly. I just have to "DO IT" There are a million stories in my head. I did a blog hop last week and did a little story with that. Not as radical as these lovely ladies but it was a start and very freeing. I love your work. I just found your pattern Sew Spoiled. The funny thing is that I made that years ago and it is one of my favorite wall hangings. Never could find what I did with the pattern and who designed it. I learned with that wall hanging that I made the binding to wide and it made the pinwheels look wonky. I loved it and left it the way it is. Quilt Police not so much! To bad its mine!

Aileen in Florida