Thursday, June 18, 2009


So many of you know I have two wonderful bottle trees in my backyard. I have changed them out so that now they have only blue bottles on them. I have discovered that gin and vodka come in blue bottles. I don't know anyone who drinks gin so there I am out of luck but once in awhile one of my good friends gives me a vodka or blue wine bottle they saved. It is always a great gift for me.

Some of you wrote and said "what is the deal with the bottle trees? The deal is that during slave times people got bottles and put them on the trees because they believed that evil spirits were caught in the bottles. I just believe that they are lovely casting blue light in my garden. I used to have a collection of purple old bottles that I got rid of. Oh if only we could hang onto everything we ever had. :0) Does that sound like a hoarder? Good thing I have a small house.

Last year I went into a liquor store looking for blue bottles. I went from shelf to shelf and the guy there said " are you looking for something I can help you with?" And I said "yes I am looking for pretty blue bottles for the bottle tree in my backyard." He said "wow, that is a new one.
My friend Robyn gave me a triangle tequila bottle once and it is cool and I got a cool bottle from Ann in South Carolina that was special. Actually any bottle I get is special and Kathy, Marilyn, Brenda and Molly have both helped me with my collection too. Such fun! I recommend a bottle tree for your yard. :0)

I bought those red water bottles one year and after the winter the paint on the inside was all flakey and a mess. Darn it-they were really quite pretty. I think I have become a bottle snob. :0)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mary Lou Hosts Her First retreats in 2010! Get OUT of THE BOX!

So, I put my cash where my mouth is and have dates for my retreats next year in sunny Post Falls Idaho. The location is between Spokane Washington (airport destination) and Coeur d'Alene Idaho.
May 1,2 and 3rd we will be creating an awesome (original) quilt with ALL THINGS HOOCHY. We will be working on blocks, flower power flowers, dogs and cats, and many other surprises that are brand new to this fun and creative technique. We will have all kinds of prizes and homemade desserts everyday along with other fun things you won't find other places.
August 20,21,22,23,24 we will have a story quilt class! This will be after my new book called "Out of the Box" is released and we will be using alot of the creativity excercizes in the workshop. If you want to stretch as an artist and quilter this class is for you. I will have further information in two weeks. Stay tuned and keep checking back. I expect these to fill fairly fast.

Above are the buildings we will be using for the workshop. This is a wonderful art center. I took Susan Shei's class here and was so impressed with the light, the kitchen and the grounds I had to plan my own retreats!
My flower garden and yard is growing by leaps and bounds. What joy it brings to me to come back and enjoy nature and the work we have put in.

This bike was given to me by my daughter for Mother's Day several years ago. It was for a wine display. I love it. I haven't planted flowers in the pots yet but I will be soon.

Just one of my bottle trees before the vines grow up and around it. I love blue bottles!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Carol from Panama gets close to finishing my Angel Block of the Month Pattern

So, I have been watching as Carol from Panama has developed and changed a little bit my angel block of the month wallhanging . Isn't it super? Carol is obviously wonderful with color. This makes me smile for sure. Scroll down on the left and you will see that Kathy and Lois's angel block of the month too. :0 )
Carol from Panama's link is below (scroll down) on my link list on the left column........