Thursday, October 01, 2009

Grandkids sew and eat cupcakes and life is GOOD

Here is my oldest Granddaughter who has just sewn her very first pillow top thanks to the patient teaching of Mel who is a professor. My goodness she is patient with children!
We had three of my Grandchildren come over to learn to sew. I made cupcakes and Mel taught all about the parts of a sewing machine etc. The kids ranged from the age of 4years old to seven.

I think we are fixed for rick rack- note my cones in front. We have the Hello Kitty machine and the Bernina which I will probably have the kids sew on from now on. We love Berninas at my house.

Here one cousin helps the other. The little cupcake pin cushion was made by one of my "cupcake" retreat friends. Hello Kitty is a big hit with this little girl who has many Hello Kitty clothes

Here we even up the pillow top and my Granddaughter cannot contain her delight that she made this! A little rick rack will make it perfect!

Here she sews by herself-zoom- and keeps right on track with a nice 1/4 ". Can't wait to see what she does next.

My Grandson sewed a row of the pillow top, then found another thing to do and then decorated his cupcake with jelly bellies, gummy bears and m&m's. He is thinking about the candy sliding off as I was taking this photo.

My four year old Granddaughter didn't want to wait for the photo-she is enjoying everything about this day.

And my oldest Granddaughter is happy with a pillow top that turned out and a cupcake that is loaded with treats. It was a great day and after the kids left, Mel and I each fell onto the sofas for a rest. Whew. :0) Nothing better than making memories...and sewing too.


Sandi said...

Wonderful day with your grandchildren! It looks like they had lots of fun, your cupcakes look yummy.

Your grandson is giving you his best "male model" pose. Cute.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

WoolenSails said...

What a fun day, for you and the kids.
Love that little sewing machine.


beth said...

what a fun day. The kids will remember that one for a long time!
glad you can enjoy your grandchildren!

Maree in NC :-) said...

What an incredible day y'all had!!!

The kids will remember it forever!!! :-)

Happy Hugs!

Maree in NC :~D