Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things that blessed me today and could bless you too.

These beauties are due to go on my Market quilts. I just got an order from Theresa who does all kinds of wonderful things for her community and she hires challenged adults to fill the bags. I think her buttons are out of this world and also she is a wonderful person. Go to her website at- You can find her buttons in any color of the rainbow....

I got this in the mail today from my friend Mel who knew I was looking for these silly and wonderful foods by Eric Carle who wrote the books I read to my kids and read to my Grandkids.
This fabric is the stuff of imaginations and everyone should have some for a story quilt.

"My wallhanging surprise from Cherise and Robyn"
As a quilter you don't get many quilts from people as a gift. My two friends surprised me with this and I adore it. If you click on the photo for a close up, you will enjoy the cute quilting that makes it even more special. Stay tuned in a few days I am going to show you an awesome angel quilt my chatroom friends made when I sent them free angel patterns . It's awesome.
AND- if you scroll down on the right side you will find TWO very important things. One is the signup for my newsletter which I am almost done with and will post this week and two is the TEACHER LIST OF BLOGS (in the little box)-These are Grand Poobahs in the nicest way and they have loads of cool things to share. It is well worth checking out what these ladies have to share about quilting and cool stuff.
I have more to share this week, stay tuned.

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Jackie said...

I adore garden art. Nice pictures!!! :-)