Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful Lopez which has my heart

If you have read my blog in past years you know that I go to visit my good friends Laurie and Kit on Lopez Island each summer and my husband and I go a couple of times a year to visit them, play cards, walk the beach and share the beauty of everything Lopez.
The picture above is outside of Holly B's, one of the worlds BEST bakeries. There is also a nice restaurant named Earnie's that serves up excellent fish tacos and other delights and a good dress shop where I always buy some kind of top, earrings or jacket each year.

This is a lovely restaurant called 'The Love Dog cafe" and look at the wisteria!

I cannot get over all of the beautiful blue seanocia that is everywhere on the island.

Once you get off of the ferry to go on the island, you always drive by a lovely house that is kind of fairytale"ish". I snapped this photo this week to share...isn't it pretty?

Wach summer they have a Saturday market that sells all kinds of produce, jewelry, pickles and jams, pottery, beads, quilts (simple and traditional),and other things I might have forgotten.
It is kind of earthy and fun to see and great to people watch. Everyone is happy and friendly.

Below is Debby who will give you a nice bag with a smily face if you buy her products. I love her stuff and help her out when I sell some of it on my website and on the road.

I like mailboxes that have a little pizzaz and took a photo of this one for fun.

Aren't the flowers below cool? I love rockets on a stem!

Below is a few flowers from Laurie's flower pots. I loved the colors!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I LOVE Lopez Island! My SIL lived there for 15 years and used to be the agents on the Ferry there for awhile. She used to work in a wonderful restaurant and made the best Brioche!!

Thank you for the tour and photos!


Rhondi said...

2carolina.rr.comLopez looks like a wonderful place to visit. The flowers are beautiful!
Hugs, Rhondi