Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The beautiful tree above as in a store in Zurich when I was there. They know how to doll up everything including the beautiful women and men there. They are equally as beautiful and I cannot say that about France. I thought the women were fabulous and beautiful and not that many men to equal the women. Maybe I was in the wrong cities. The men in Germany were the most polite, helpful and pleasant! The women were very nice there too and laughed and smiled which I loved.

The cake below was in Switzerland in a window. I have never ever seen such a magnificent cake before! The detail and whimsy were wonderful and I stood and watched the little children come up with their Mothers and talk German (Swiss style which I am lost at) but I could tell what they were saying because the excitment and the wonder was there...just like with me.
This window was really quite something!
My poor kitchen remains sad....and today the water from my sink that was removed dripped constantly and I had to keep emptying the biggest bucket you have ever seen.
I am finding bits of insulation everywhere.
I want to show you how bad the whole thing looks but it is so bad I don't know if you'd want to see it this time of year. :-)
I braved Costco today and it was packed though people seemed quite nice. I bought alot of frozen food so that Mark and I can eat in the TV room where our microwave is.
Hey! That is a funny story. My husband is NO Mr. Fix it and he hates working on things.
Our microwave went out the other day and he said "that figures." Yesterday he was taking the holder out of the wall that holds is and I said "be careful" and he gave me the look so I went down stairs to work and then I heard a crash! That is how he does things so I didn't say anything. This morning, he said brightly "good news, I dropped the microwave yesterday and it works like a charm. " Haha, yep, that's how we do it around here.
Happy Day everyone. Don't get caught up in the crabiness of the Season and if you are a Christian remember that this is all about the birth of Christ. It should be a happy time when we value our blessings and our friends and family. If you aren't in the hospital today or alone in a nursing home with no one to visit and there are lots of people who are, you are blessed!
Please comment on my blog, I love it when you do.
As my dear old Dad always said "Enjoy the Day"

By the way, we will be doing a swap after the first of the year in my chatroom with pot holders and mugs. Who doesn't need new clean fresh potholders? If you join my newsletter through this blog, you can learn more about this.
Take this Christmas song test and see how you do.


Sandi said...

The cake is amazing, are the creatures made from Marzipan? I love these type of cakes. The Ace of Cakes is one of my favourite t.v. shows to watch. He could draw inspiration from that bakery.

Oh to have a slice to enjoy with a nice latte, or a cup of tea about now.

CONNIE W said...

Mary Lou, I wish I had a great big slice of that cake! Mmmmmmm Makes my mouth water. I love sweets! I love your blog, you're so full of life! Merry, Merry!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I thought you were going to say you had to go buy a new microwave when he got done...;)

That cake is stunning! Its hard to imagine eating it at should be framed!

Have a wonder-full holiday yourself...:)

Leavenworth Robin said...

I got 60% of the Christmas song answers! I thought that was good!
I think my little Kitchen Present may wait until your kitchen is finished. What a project you two have on your hands! But what beauty it will be. Thank goodness the Micro works!

Carol said...

Oh LaLa is right! What a grand tree in Zurich! Reminds me of the good old days when we would go to San Francisco to window shop and enjoy the decorations in the "City of Paris".

Cake decorating has come a long way from my classes at the Cake Castle. You can do so much with fondant and beautiful colors!

hmmm. . .I missed 3 out of the 25 Caroling questions. At the end it said that I might be the life of any winter holiday party I attend, should caroling break out. Well, that just proves that the test didn't rate my singing ability! With my cold and laryngitis, I could probably clear the room! he he!

Danielle said...

Hey sweetie, I am always amazed at the beauty you find in life. You always call me higher! Those cherry ornaments are gorgeous, but the cake blows all the other pictures away. I love the elephant peeking out and holding the mouse. What a lot of work to sit in a window, but now thanks to you, the artist's work can be appreciated all over the world.