Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hoochy Mama Snowmen for Every Friend in Holly's Bee (San Diego) ! I want one!

My friend Holly who is very generous to many people made one of these Hoochy Mama snowmen for each friend in her Bee. How is that for generosity? You have time to make them if you start now. The pattern is in the Hoochy Mama book!
Great Job Holly!


Sandi said...

What a great thing to do for your friends.

Several years ago, my friend Ethel Snow [yes, that is her real name, and she is married to Hank!] designed a similar block with a different hat. But her's was just the head of the snowman. Here is a link for her block.

We all made a block for a friend and she put them together. The friend had some circulation problems and needed some surgery to correct the problem. The finished quilt was quite whimsical as she also added socks for the cold toes our friend was having.

What a fun idea to share with us, thanks Mary Lou.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Holly - they all look wonderful! What a great gift idea!
Quilty hugs

Anonymous said...

What a generous friend!
I love snowmen and these are just right for me. Am looking forward to making lots of Hoochy blocks and flowers when my surgery is over.

Karen in Tucson

Rhondi said...

Those snowman quilts are cute! What a generous and hardworking person she must be. Your hoochy blocks sure are versatile. I love it

CONNIE W said...

Such cute snowmen! My DIL collects lots of them.

Maree in NC :~D said...

What an angel you are, Holly! Great job! Maree :-)

Ise Hakanud Lillekasvataja said...

You have such a beautiful blog!

peggy said...

Mary Lou,

I love snowmen and collect all kinds of them so your blocks made me smile.

Waukesha WI

Carol said...

Awesome Snowmen! How come I didn't notice them in the Hoochy book? I need to sit down with some tea and read it cover to cover again!

Some lucky ladies to each receive such a wonderful gift for the holidays!

I think I'll borrow her idea for inspiration and experiment a little and see if I can make some of these for Christmas gifts.

Linda said...

Love the snowman cases. Where do you get the pattern??