Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hoochy Mama Auction Quilt and the Genesis of a Story Quilt....

HOOCHY MAMA! This is one of the quilts that I am going to donate to the Charity Raffle for the San Diego quilt show on Wednesday evening. I like this quilt alot for it's lively fabrics and color and the polka dot border. This event should be lots of fun to see and participate in.
If you come during any of the three days, please stop by and say "hello".


The beginning of the story part of my quilt about making cookies with my Grandchildren. As many of you know, I make my border and background first with either Hoochy Mama blocks or Flower Power blocks. This sets a color pallete and makes my story quilt colorful, lively and artistic. The color, the fabrics and patterns all add up to a great quilt. A good story is important as well. This is the fun of the whole process.

Details on the apron start to take shape

My Lady is already to baste down so I can applique her at the San Diego quilt show for something to do. if I have time I will add a few of my Grandkids, a cat, a bowl for baking cookies and some other fun elements. I think this will be a nice, sentimental and colorful quilt that commemorates baking cookies with the kids I love.

Stay tuned for what happens next as I keep working on this and others too....

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Mage said...

What marveloous, powerful and delightful quilts. Not a boring quilt among them, indeed. Bravo for coming to our fair city and being such a magic person. I was delighted to meet you if only in passing.

I hope you don't mind, but I have posted a picture of you amongst your color on my blog, and included a link to your blog.