Friday, July 13, 2007

LOPEZ ISLAND a slice of heaven and cinnamon rolls too

Well, this is my 8th wonderful year with my four friends at Lopez island in the San Juans. We are still friends and still quilting. The photo of the five of us was taken at Holly B's bakery in downtown Lopez. Mary Lou is second from the right and Holly B is on the end (right). Best bread and cinnamon rolls in the world!
I took the usual photo of a sail boat on the ocean, flowers on my frined Laurie's porch, three great mail boxes on my drive from the ferry to Laurie's house, some FLOWER POWER blocks I am doing from my new book (available
I am hoping these photos will give you the sense of part of the color and flavor of Lopez although you must go there to see how truly wonderful it is (in every way).
I wish I had the money to buy a place there...instead I go to visit yearly and say "hello" to the flowers, trees and birds I have met oever the years.
There are tons of quilting ideas here. And of coarse many story quilt ideas. I have begun a new little quilt with five happy friends.
Hope you are enjoying your summer and staying beats pills.
Mary Lou


Carol in Fair Oaks, CA said...

Oh my gosh, Mary Lou!
I love your pictures of Lopez Island, the mailboxes, the yummy looking baked goods and especially your flower power quilt!! It is all a little slice of heaven, and to spend that time with good friends who share your love of quilting. . . what could be better! Best wishes for a fun time in Montana and a wonderful Alaskan Cruise!!
Hoochy Hugs,
Carol in Fair Oaks, California

K said...

How wonderful to have such a great place to quilt and have fun with friends every year. And great food as well!

Look forward to seeing you on the cruise to Alaska next week - can't believe we started planning this 2 years ago and it is finally here.

Hugs to you,
Karen in Tucson, Arizona