Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello Dear Cherry friends, I have had this blog for many years and for some reason Google has made it so I cannot see the photos I load, I cannot post until they are all loaded, I cannot change the size of the photos and it just takes too long for me to post, go in and look and then write and then go back and forth. I could finish a quilt in the time I post these...haha. SO I am going back to only ONE BLOG and that will be Mary Lou and Whimsy Too. If you have not signed up there please do as I am cleaning out my sewing room and would love to give prizes away to people who sign up and comment. I have lost about 20 pounds since the middle of december and I am going to be sharing my ideas for still eating and being healthier and thinner. I am not trying to look like a model, I am trying to be healthier because I want to feel better. Drink water. :0) I also have been cooking some family favorites for my family and want to start sharing those recipes and some photos and also some fun things people send me and also some of my adventures on the road. Many people are sending in story quilt photos and COW photos and I want tho share those and some more cow ideas for you. I always wanted to go to blogs where the writers sounded like fun girlfriends and this is the flavor I want my blog to carry. I am proud to be a quilter, a Grandmother, a Gardener, a Friend and other hats I wear and I hope to share this and that you will share too. Please come and visit me at Mary Lou and Whimsy Too and we will both be very happy...and I will be honored. Thank you................


Sandi said...

Hi Mary Lou

Sorry to hear that blogger isn't being nice to you. You have some great photos and ideas on this blog, hopefully it will stay up for people to visit and remember all your great inspirations.

Maybe you need to add a third blog? Just kidding.

Jan R said...

I understand the dropping of one blog. Hard to imagine keeping up
with one blog. Do what works best for you and we will follow you where you are posting. Love your blog and enjoy your posts and your many pictures.

DianeP said...

Sorry to learn that you are ending this blog - I always check both of your blogs every day. I enjoy reading what inspires you and always enjoy the pictures.

Glad to learn you will continue with your other blog - for sure I will be checking in every day!

Congratulations on the weight loss - another inspiration for me!
Thank you Mary Lou!

Marlynne said...

I will move over to your other blog. I
sure don't want to loose contact with you!

Rebecka said...

Hi Mary Lou-
I enjoyed both blogs, but for sure I will be checkin in on the other one. I don't know how you do it. You are so busy! Have a great EASTER!!

kim kerschl said...

Wow, MAry Lou! 20 pounds is great and especially since you are making lifestyle changes!

Go Girl!
Kim in VA

kim kerschl said...

Wow! Mary Lou- 20 pounds! That is awesome! And it is great that you are not doing a fad diet but making lifestyle changes!
Go girl!

Kim in VA