Friday, June 03, 2011

A Self Portrait Story Quilt that is a Mermaid's Tea Party-Who wouldn't love this for their home? Awesome!

Hi Mary Lou. I started the blocks and the design in your "Self-Portrait" class at this year's Road to California. My "Mermaid Tea Party" is based on my memories of underwater pretend tea parties with friends. These parties only lasted as long as you could hold your breath but it was fun being a mermaid even briefly.
Most of my quilts are based on photos I take of people/landscapes. So being able to cut loose like this once in a while is so enjoyable. Thank you for giving me a lot of pleasure over the years with your books. It's impossible not to feel good after looking at your quilts.
-Patsy Kittredge

You know, this gives me great happiness to see these wonderful quilts take shape and tell about people. Patsy, your colors, your shapes, your theme and everything else about this quilt is whimsical, lovely and fun! great job and you brought a nice smile to my face tonight! I am so happy to share this with others who might consider doing a story quilt about them.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Story Quilts with Color, Charm and Interest-Great Job Liz!

I am always giddy when I get to see a story quilt that is in the making and it is fun to post them here. Everyone has a different story and they are all unique and fun for so many reasons. Many of you know my flight attendant friend Susan Typpi. Well, Susan and her friend Liz came to my LaConner quilt show at the LaConner Quilt Museum and Liz was so taken with story quilts that she went home with my books that belonged to Susan, read them cover to cover and Susan helped her begin her very own story quilt. I think it is quite wonderful as I used to can and so did my Mother. The quilt is colorful and fun and I knew you would enjoy seeing it.
It was fun to have two new quilts to post this week- the one Liz did here and the one Pam Toombs did (scroll down). How about you? Are you ready to tell the world something about you? I am teaching a story quilt class in upper Wisconsin in October and would love to meet you there. It goes without saying that soon people will be flying in to start their very own story quilts at my retreat the 13th. There is still room for 2 people. The tiaras this year are something quite special and I bought all kinds of prizes this weekend. Hope you consider doing a story about YOU or someone or something you LOVE! Liz, this quilt is really fun!